Registration and Abstract Submission

Registration is closed! Thanks for considering to participate. Information on when and where the conference folder, name badge and book of abstracts can be picked up (opening hours of the conference and registration desk) are available here.

The registration has started on 01.01.2017 and ended on 11.08.2017 (special extended deadline); the registration platform and conference shop is available here: Online Registration

The registration platform can be used to submit title and abstract of section talks. For this click on the task „2.) Submission”, then „Create a new Submission”, and finally choose a suitable track. The deadline for submitting this data is 30.06.2017.

The registration platform in task „3.) Services and conference registration” can be used to register for the conference and also to book one of the optional excursions on Wednesday afternoon.

Depending on the category the following fees apply:
  (before 30.04.2017)  
  (after 01.05.2017)  
Regular Registration  € 220  € 250 
Students  € 110  € 125 
Members of the ÖMG or DMV  € 190  € 220 
Students, members of the ÖMG or DMV   € 95 € 110
Accompanying persons € 100 € 100

The conference fee covers: conference materials, access to all scientific sessions, coffee breaks, reception and conference dinner.

Some of the side events (as the Statistiktage 2017, the Studierendenkonferenz 2017, the Hochschultag 2017, the LehrerInnentag 2017, and the 6th Austrian Stochastic Days) can be booked separately; details on the fees that apply in these cases can be found on the subpages of these events and at the registration platform above.

No cancellation fee is charged until 15.07.2017, a fee of 50% is charged in the period 16.07.-31.08.2017, and a fee of 100% is charged after 01.09.2017.